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HFM is active in Canada, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Below is a list of all our instructors the Republic of Ireland. You can also click here to see each instructor's location on a map.
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Daithi O’Cuinn (Dave Quinn) - HFM Associate and Training Co-ordinator, Dublin Republic of Ireland

Experience and qualifications:
       •      30 years martial arts (Judo, Aki-Jujutsu, Wing Chun and Thai Boxing)
       •      Black belt Japanese Ju-Jitsu
       •      Black belt Kickboxing
       •      Brown belt Kempo Karate
       •      Instructor in CFS (Control Fighting System, CQC)
       •      IABA Boxing Coach
       •      BJJ practitioner
       •      MMA Coach
       •      Over 13 years experience in Door and Personal Security
       •      Owner of martial arts academy
       •      Licensed Physical therapist
       •     Expert in Irish Medieval fighting styles
       •      Film/TV/Theater fight choreography

Kieran Treacy - HFM Associate, Cork Republic of Ireland

Experience and qualifications:
· 10 years martial arts experience
· 'Aiki No Michi' style Aikido
· 'Fu Lung Chuan' style kung fu (Ireland)
· Shaolin kung fu
· Sanda kickboxing
· Yijin Jing QiGong full time (Shaolin Temple)
· Studied Wudang kung fu, Wudang Tai Chi, and Wudang QiGong full time (Wudang Mountain)

Phone +353862449604       
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