The HFM Mission

"Preventing and overcoming violence by building urban warriors."

What is an “urban warrior”?  An urban warrior is an individual who lives among other individuals in modern society.  This person has been empowered with the physical and psychological tools to address the complicated spectrum of violence in their life and in society.  He or she protects himself/herself and others.


"Fight with our hearts; train with our minds."

We seek to fight intuitively, and to correctly inform our action with the best available information in training.  We think and train appropriately, so when the time comes and we are unable to think clearly, we act resolutely.



The importance of action with intent to injure is unparalleled.  To empower oneself in the moment of combat, one must engage with an aggressive mindset.  Aggression is the ignition switch that starts the engine.

Combative responses must be easy to remember, and easy to perform.  Simplicity is essential.  Action must be made as easy as possible to take when in an emotional and physiological state that occurs during the most violent ambush.

Action must be principle-based.  Variables in combat change all the time.  No two encounters are the same.  No prescribed set of techniques will be guaranteed effective, so one must be able to base their action on sound principles (eg. face the threat, close the distance, cause specific trauma, ARCADE, etc.)

Because no combat situation is the same as another, and an attacker's response to the stimuli you provide can be unpredictable, one must be able to create spontaneous combative solutions to enable their survival.  Learning to improvise combatively will increase one's combat effectiveness.

Principles that guide combative action must be based on solid empirical evidence and sound logical information.  That way, through proper training, one's response becomes automatic.  Evidence is drawn from a variety of relevant fields, including: martial arts history, evolutionary psychology, endocrinology, group dynamics, social intelligence and behavioural psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, trauma & recovery, ethics, criminal law, and the best field source of information - personal experience.

In a fight, every moment counts.  Fractions of a second can be the difference between life and death.  Movements and techniques must be as efficient as possible to increase the chance of success.
HFM student learns knife disarm technique
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