HFM Programs
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Urban Defensive Tactics program is at the cutting edge of real life applied hand-to-hand fighting knowledge. Its effectiveness is owed to its simplicity and functionality under stress.  It has been engineered to deal with the kinds of violence we witness on our streets today.  It integrates both studied and experiential information - bringing you an explosive, evolved, and elite self-protection methodology.

The Urban Force Options program is the perfect marriage of defensive tactics and use-of-force tactics.  This program is for law enforcement and security professionals who have a different standard operating procedure and protocol than to just defend themselves.  When you are required to respond to a violent situation, make sure you have these tools on your belt.  This program is also liability-conscious, and was designed with court proceedings in mind.

Learn the real mechanics and skills required to actually defend yourself, while getting shredded and in the best shape of your life!  The Combative Fitness program is designed specifically to get you fit while conditioning you for the fight of your life.